Digitpol adds passive capturing functions, WiFi, Bluetooth & IMSI to the JamDetect module.

The JamDetect module manufacture by Digitpol was designed for Law Enforcement to detect Signal Jammers within 200m but the R&D team has added new functions and offered a static device for wall or pole mounting.

This detection and monitoring module is a static wall or pole mounted device built to detect nearby jamming and to notify response teams in milliseconds of jamming events. The module named JamDetect can detect jamming, detect interference in the cellular network such as rogue base stations, detection of IMSI catchers and detection of new nearby devices. The platform contains a white list that enables the monitoring team to have a clear vision of known trusted nearby devices, cell towers and the rapid detection of new devices.

The JamDetect is the ultimate in the detection of espionage on a site from jamming to rogue activity, when used with several modules a mesh is created, this ensures a high level of security within the mesh. The Jammer Detector can alert responding or monitoring agents by SMS, email, API or in the portal. This module and platform is developed at Digitpol in The Netherlands.

More information is available: https://digitpol.com/signal-jammer-detector/