Decrypt Ransomware Service in Hong Kong

Decryption of Ransomware in Hong Kong is a service from Digitpol, we cooperate with cybersecurity companies and Law Enforcement agencies to obtain keys to detect ransomware and if the keys are available we provide the step by step support to restore recover files, backups and any effected files. The decryption keys are provided by international initiative and there is no costs for the decryption keys.

In order to assist you, we first need to detect the ransomware that has infected your device and when possible, have it removed before it spreads further. The most important step is to disconnect your device from the Internet, networks, WiFi and any networks that other devices are signed to.

If your PC or IT systems are infected with ransomware we advise you report the case to the nearest Police station and supply the file types as samples of the ransomware. If you require support to decrypt the files contact us.

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