Red Teaming


Test your security against real world attacks without the risks.

Cyber Security Red teaming - If your organisation has developed or invested into a cyber-security program, you are certain it is solid but do you know how well it performs under a massive attack and how will your I.T staff handle the pressure? We will tell you!

Red Team - Cyber Security

Digitpol's Red Team performs controlled cyber attacks for organisations with the aim to improve over all security and to fully stress test existing cyber security programs.

By launching a full scale multi layered cyber attack involving email phishing attacks, malware, DDOS, human engineering, social engineering, web, products and application penetration testing, WiFi, LAN network penetration testing and manual penetration testing,

Red Teaming cyber attacks are designed to detect real or live possibilities for hackers or malicious staff  to be able to compromise all aspects within an organization such as data breaches, theft of data, creating back-doors, spreading malware and remote network compromise.

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