Application Testing

Application Code Review

Code review is an examination of computer source code. It is intended to find and fix mistakes introduced into an application in the development phase, improving both the overall quality of software and the developers' skills. Code review is probably the single-most effective technique for identifying security flaws in applications. When such tests are together with automated tools and manual penetration testing, code review can significantly increase the cost effectiveness of an application security verification effort.

Digitpol's Cyber Security and Computer Forensic examiners perform application testing for new and existing applications, testing of all forms of applications,  such as  iOS and Android platforms can be performed to discover security flaws, malware, open back doors, data transfer, leakage, security certifications and coding issues. Testing of application in a cloud environment allows for discovery of vulnerabilities and security risks. When the testing is completed and all is in order, Digitpol issues the PASS certification.

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