Digitpol is a licensed, Insured and accredited investigation agency specializing in operational support and investigative services.

Digitpol provides agencies and corporations with professional investigative expertise necessary to resolve conflict by detailed fact-finding and analysis which can be conducted by open and closed investigative methods. We combine digital and physical investigation methods. Since 2013 we’ve provided investigation and forensic services for our clients worldwide, Digitpol has an unmatched track record of conducting complex investigations and working with external counsel to conduct and conclude lawful investigation, research or regulatory inquiries.

Digitpol’s digital forensic experts, cybercrime investigators and traditional investigators provide operational and expert support to help agencies with their critical fact findings when required assist with conduct internal reviews or investigations into wrongdoing, often such investigations and their aftermath, can pose serious risks to companies and their shareholders such as damaging their products, operations and reputation.

Digitpol's investigative services and digital forensic expertise have helped corporations resolve investigations swiftly and with minimal business risk and save time.