Cyber Security Audit in Hong Kong

Cyber Security Assessment in Hong Kong, Digitpol’s cyber security audit is a systematic, step by step independent examination of our clients I.T infrastructure and cyber security status. Our audit is conducted with the aim to identify gaps in policies and security and to resolve flaws and ensure security policies, settings are fully updated to industry standards and further, an advanced audit will ensure apps or cloud environments are safe and secure.

A Certified Cyber Security Assessment is a comprehensive evaluation of an organization's information systems, network infrastructure, applications, and databases to identify potential security threats and vulnerabilities. This type of assessment  involves our team of cybersecurity experts who use a variety of tools and techniques to simulate real-world attacks on the organization's systems and identify any weaknesses that may exist.

The goal of a certified cyber security assessment is to provide an accurate picture of an organization's current security posture and identify any areas where improvements are needed. This assessment can help organizations identify and mitigate potential risks before they can be exploited by cybercriminals, thus helping to protect sensitive data, financial resources, and business operations.

During a certified cyber security assessment, Digitpol's cybersecurity experts may evaluate a range of factors, including:

  • Network architecture and topology
  • Network perimeter defenses (firewalls, intrusion detection/prevention systems)
  • Endpoints (computers, mobile devices)
  • Access controls (password policies, multi-factor authentication)
  • Data backup and recovery processes
  • Vulnerability management
  • Incident response planning and execution
  • Compliance with relevant regulations and standards

What is included in the assessment, every IT structure is different so we will adapt to yours?

  • Websites
  • LAN Networks
  • Routers
  • Servers
  • Endpoints
  • IP address
  • Web App
  • Mobile APP
  • Online Databases
  • Devices & IOT

How will it work? When you order this service we will contact you by email or by phone, we then agree when and the right time to conduct the scan. When the scan is completed we will provide you with a report and the outcome.

Our Solutions

Managed Cybersecurity

Digitpol offers advanced Cyber Security Management in Hong Kong from its Security Operations Center is a 24/7 which is a fully managed IT security service, which allows for business operations to continue and for the ultimate in our clients cyber security status.

24x7 Incident Response

Early detection of cyber security threats and rapid response to cyber security incidents requires an expert team with solid knowledge of cyber attacks, cyber security and digital forensic investigation, our advanced cyber security managed solutions offer a total holistic security approach with a 24/7 response team to give the total protection against cyber threats

Cyber Security Audits

Digitpol's Cyber Security Audit is a deep Scan of clients servers, applications, internet gateways, sites, email servers and endpoints. This scan is an effective way to clearly understand the current level of IT security within your organization. The audit will provide insight into the cyber risks and reveal if open flaws exists, if hackers are discovered and highlight if additional cyber security measures are required.

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