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Hacked WordPress Websites

WordPress Websites,  Woocommerce Shops, websites and hosting platform hacking attacks are on the rise, spear phishing and social engineering methods are used to steal email account user data, including login credentials. when such hacking occurs, hackers have total control over a website, its client list and the woocommerce, data such as customer information, credit cards, address, IP are all at stake. Often hackers sell the data on the darkweb or blackmail the client list.

Digitpol's Cyber and Fraud Team are certified examiners and can assist to all cases related to wordpress and woocommerce attacks, hacked websites, hacked hosting or email accounts. Digitpol can deploy forensic examiners to investigate the hack, determine how it took place and report the findings, Digitpol ensures that hackers are not active in your network and ensure your user accounts policies and rules are configured correctly to prevent further attacks. Digitpol's wordpress security services includes full security assessment and removal of any malware or rogue activity.

Are you effected by a WordPress Website Hack, Woocommerce or Email Server Attack? 

If an email hacking incident happens to you, you need to respond quickly. Cyber attacks and email fraud can lead to major disruption and financial disasters.

If you encounter or believe that you have been the victim of online or internet fraud, please send an email to info@digitpol.com Be sure to attach any supporting documentation such as copies of suspicious emails, text messages and questionable links/URLs.

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