Digitpol has reiterated its commitment to delivering the best security solutions to different categories of clients as the company recently announced upgrades to its popular detection and monitoring module, JamDetect. The company designed JamDetect for law enforcement, enabling easy and effective detection of Signal Jammers within 200m. However, the recent upgrade has added new functions to deliver a static device for wall or pole mounting, with features such as passive capturing functions, WiFi, Bluetooth, and IMSI.

Security remains a major concern for businesses as well as government agencies, as unscrupulous elements up their game by using sophisticated tools. Consequently, it has become imperative for individuals and corporates to arm themselves with the latest resources, which is where Digitpol aims to be helpful with the upgrade of JamDetect.

JamDetect is designed as a detection and monitoring module to detect nearby jamming and notify response teams in milliseconds of jamming events. Described as “the ultimate in the detection of espionage on a site from jamming to rogue activity,” JamDetect offers a wide range of features that stand it out from similar products in the market.

The upgrade of JamDetect enables the detection of illegal GSM Cell Towers (IMSI Catchers) Cell Jammers, GPS Jammers, Signal Jammers, Remote Alerts, and a host of others. JamDetect Cloud is equipped with a white list that enables the monitoring team to have a clear vision of known trusted nearby devices, cell towers and the rapid detection of new devices.

JamDetect is user-friendly and versatile, making it suitable for use in secured buildings such as embassies, as well as ideal for curbing vehicle and cargo thefts, drug trafficking, and car park security. The features and functionality of Digitpol’s JamDetect make it one of the most comprehensive detection devices on the market.