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Digitpol is an accredited provider of IT security services to the corporate sector globally and in Hong Kong. Digitpol provides cyber security solutions, ICT support, Data Management, Email Services, Cloud, System Administration, Software, Updates, Backups and Security.

Digitpol is the leading cybersecurity service in Hong Kong and SAR, Digitpol is an accredited provider of cybersecurity for all devices, desktops, laptops, workstations, networks, servers and cloud environments. Digitpol provides managed cyber security services, IT support and 24/7 threat detection and incident response.

Digitpol's extensive expertise in cyber security and cyber crime is gained by global investigation on real-life cyber attacks. Digitpol's Cyber Crime Unit operates globally and by knowledge of new refined attacks and understanding the design of attacks and the modus operandi, we are able to offer 24/7 Cyber Threat Management and Cyber Security.

Managed Cyber Security Hong Kong

Digitpol offers advanced Cyber Security Management from its 24/7 Security Operations Center which is a fully managed IT security service, this service allows for our clients business operations to continue and for the ultimate in our clients cyber security status. Our managed services covers the full IT solution from cybersecurity, digital forensics, IT, admin support to data breach and incident response services. Our managed services can be extended to cover admin requests, updates, IT issues and handle the staffs IT requests. By remote monitoring, we immediately see if there are any errors, security issues, email server problems or issues such as login failures or a general IT problems or malfunction, when discover a IT issue, we take action instantly to resolve it.

Depending on the size of your IT structure, some of our clients prefer an on premises staff or periodic monitoring of IT systems on-location, in these scenarios we deploy a member of our team to your location daily or visit your location once a month and check everything is in order and carry out updates and fixes.

We specialise in custom solutions for business environments and work in consultation with our customers and insurance providers. IT security is often a burden for clients therefore we take the burden away by 24/7 monitoring clients IT environment remotely for cyber threats, malicious actions and security flaws.

IT Security Specialists Hong Kong

Digitpol's IT specialists are fully certified in cyber security, computer forensics, network forensics, installation and repairs for the brands that we use or monitor in the IT environments.

Certified Cyber Security Assessment

Certified Cyber Security Assessment, Digitpol's certified cyber audit is a comprehensive test and audit of your web application, IP, Server or Database. Our certified penetration testing and auditing program will test your web application, IP, Server or cloud for security threats and vulnerabilities. This comprehensive assessment covers a full check out your security status, when the assessment is completed we will issue a certification which covers what was tested, this cert is valid for 1 year. During the 1 year we will also carry out 3 surveillance tests during the year to ensure all is still in order.

During the assessment we check what security risks should be addressed for in a particular IT infrastructure or in an application, for example we may check code for flaws or open back-doors.



Managed Cybersecurity

Digitpol offers advanced Cyber Security Management in Hong Kong from its Security Operations Center is a 24/7 which is a fully managed IT security service, which allows for business operations to continue and for the ultimate in our clients cyber security status.

24x7 Incident Response

Early detection of cyber security threats and rapid response to cyber security incidents requires an expert team with solid knowledge of cyber attacks, cyber security and digital forensic investigation, our advanced cyber security managed solutions offer a total holistic security approach with a 24/7 response team to give the total protection against cyber threats.

Cyber Risk Assessment

Digitpol's Cyber Security Audit is a deep Scan of clients servers, applications, internet gateways, sites, email servers and endpoints. This scan is an effective way to clearly understand the current level of IT security within your organization. The audit will provide insight into the cyber risks and reveal if open flaws exists, if hackers are discovered and highlight if additional cyber security measures are required.

System Administrator

System admin's is often a burden for firms, therefore we handle the entire IT system administration from workstation full disk encryption keys, logins, backups, fault finding, software updates, email issues, on demand support. We periodically schedule appointments for system management on location or we appoint a member of our team to stay on your site.

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