Between Monday 23rd February and Wednesday 25th February 2015, Digitpol / CUBE team,  Martin Coyne and John Reynolds visited Georgia’s capital city Tbilisi, for meetings and investigations of vehicles.

Georgia is often said to be, where Europe meets Asia, and a country renowned for its hospitality and cuisine. We certainly experienced no differently for the duration of our visit. Our main host for this visit was Mr. Nugzar Sujashvilli and staff members of the Ministry of Internal Affairs (MIA) of Georgia, along with Mr. Arakli Maghlaperidze and Mr. Lari Maghlaperidze of Communal Technology Ltd.

Georgia like many countries worldwide is only too aware of issues in relation to the investigation of road traffic collisions, and vehicle theft/ fraud. The MIA who are the State law enforcement Agency, however has a keen interest in exploring new pathways and technologies, with the view that ultimately such technology will provide them with the best possible solutions to what are quite often, difficult and complex investigations.

These are investigations where paradoxically, the advances in vehicle safety systems technology have made the task of the forensic collision investigator more difficult. In the case of vehicle digital fraud/ manipulation of vehicle identities, the criminal fraternity continuously devises and updates their methods and strategies for bypassing vehicle security features, all of course to bolster their ill-gotten gains at the expense of the long suffering motoring public. It is for these reasons coupled with the fact that the Cube team members have real world experience of such issues and investigations, that Martin and John not only inform prospective buyers of the many advantages of the forensically proven Cubes technology but also share their personal experiences of how and why the Cubes technology can really make a difference and give that extra edge to the investigator.


The agenda commenced on the Monday morning with a visit to the Forensic Main Division of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Georgia. This division is situated in an impressive building, which exhibits all the characteristics of a modern forensic science laboratory. Here we met with Mr. Nugzar Sujashvilli, Head of the Forensic Main Division, and Mr. Giorgi Beridze, Quality Assurance Manager, along with staff members of the MIA and Mr. Arakli Maghlaperidze. Martin Coyne gave an in-depth presentation of the Cubes project to a very interested and interactive audience. All aspects of the Cubes project from its inception to the present day were included. The level of interest from the audience was very high as evidenced by their acknowledgment of how the Cubes technology is quite necessary to complement present investigative techniques, and that this also has the desired effect of upping the ante in the fight against criminality and in the case of road collision investigations, of casting more light on their causation and future prevention.

In order to show the Cubes in action, the presentation finished with a live demonstration on vehicles by John Reynolds. This demonstration yielded valuable information which otherwise would not have been available to investigators. The following day, several more vehicles were tested which again yielded valuable information.

On Tuesday morning 24th, in the company of Mr. Arakli Maghlaperidze and Mr. Lari Maghlaperidze, the Cube team members travelled to the vehicle Inspection Agency of the LEPL Service Agency of MIA of Georgia situated at 21st Kilometre of Tbilisi-Rustavi Highway, Tbilisi. This is the main administrative Centre for the LEPL Service Agency. The LEPL Service Agency is tasked with the registration and inspection of vehicles, which are entering into Georgia for the first time. This is a busy and bustling centre as seen from the many and various vehicles arriving from the European and US markets to undergo the process of acquiring their new Georgian license plates. We met with our hosts in the main building of the centre where the Cubes technology was presented with a particular emphasis on the capabilities of the VINcube due to the nature of the work carried out by the LEPL Agency.

This presentation was followed by a live demonstration on vehicles. The LEPL Agency was very impressed with the VINcube and could intuitively see how the technology has a vital function to play in assisting them in their everyday work. Similar to every other traditional Vehicle Inspection centre, the LEPL Agency are confined to carrying out mechanical checks on vehicles and have no quick and accurate means to check the legitimacy of a vehicle’s digital systems for issues such as identity manipulation/ fraud. Another very attractive feature of the self-contained VINcube and CrashCube is that the technology seamlessly and quickly integrates into existing work practices at no extra cost after initial outlay, which includes free user training.

On Wednesday 25th, the Cubes team and Mr. Arakli Maghlaperidze and Mr. Lari Maghlaperidze visited and presented the technology to the Georgian National Forensic Bureau. This is an independent forensic laboratory which provides Georgian and foreign physical and legal entities with forensic services. Staff members here already had an awareness of the existence of the Cubes and showed a keen interest in the innovative capabilities of the technology and in buying into the Cubes in the future when funding becomes available to their institution.