Written by Paul Moorby, OBE, CEO & Founder of Chipside.

The technology sector has joined forces to create innovations and solutions that help support the fight against COVID-19. From producing ventilators to preventing cyber-security attacks in hospitals, tech companies have been quick to play their part in protecting communities and supporting businesses.  

Our team at Chipside is no exception. We have been working with local authorities using our MiPermit service across the country on several initiatives to help relieve the pressure on public services during the coronavirus crisis.  


Supporting our NHS heroes 

We understand key workers may be working longer hours and may no longer have access to a full range of travel choices, such as public transport. This means they may be struggling to find and pay for parking near work or at a vulnerable person or patient’s home. In the face of this pandemic it is essential that NHS, social care staff and volunteers can carry out their vital work without worrying about paying for car parking.  

Two weeks ago, the Local Government Secretary announced that local councils will offer free car parking on council owned on-street spaces and car parks to all NHS workers and social care staff during the coronavirus outbreak.  

Chipside has used its MiPermit software platform to develop free emergency digital parking permits for NHS staff and social care workers. The permits can be processed in 24 hours and remove the need for frontline workers to display any documentation on their dashboard. The first council to roll this out was the North Essex Parking Partnership, where digital permits were made available just eight hours after Chipside received the request. The digital permits will continue to be rolled out across several locations using MiPermit across the UK.   

It is still essential however that parking enforcement continues where vehicles are parked in blue badge bays, double yellow lines and loading bays to ensure the public are kept safe and that the roads remain clear for emergency and essential services.  


Industry fight against COVID-19 

Critical workers are doing vital work, with some risking their lives to help in the fight against coronavirus. It is our duty as innovators, business owners, and as citizens to support them in any way we can. The tech industry has rallied together these past few weeks to support the nation’s key workers and will continue to find ways to ease the burden on Britain’s public services.  

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