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The “Hong Kong Cyber Security New Generation Capture the Flag Challenge 2021”, jointly organised by the Hong Kong Productivity Council (HKPC) and its Hong Kong Computer Emergency Response Team Coordination Centre (HKCERT), held its award presentation ceremony today to recognise the outstanding efforts of local secondary and tertiary students and information technology (IT) elites in acquiring cyber security knowledge of cryptography, programming concept and forensics by applying creative thinking for problem solving.


Mr Jason Pun, Assistant Government Chief Information Officer (Cyber Security & Digital Identity), and Mr Wilson Yuen, Curriculum Development Officer (IT in Education) of Education Bureau of the HKSAR Government, presented the awards together with Mr Edmond Lai, Chief Digital Officer of HKPC, at HKPC.


Held for the first time last year, this team competition aims to enhance the cyber security awareness of young people and nurture more IT talents. This year, its scale has been expanded. On top of its two incumbent categories – Secondary Schools and Tertiary Institutions, an Open category has been added. In addition, Capture the Flag (CTF) experts from South Korea, Mainland China and Macau joined the competition as guest players. Each competing category features gold, silver and bronze awards. Also, the secondary school which enters the most participating teams will receive the “Most Supportive School Award”. Teams from TWGHs Wong Fut Nam College, The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology and AUTOEXEC.BAT won the gold awards in the Secondary School, Tertiary Institution and Open categories respectively, while De La Salle Secondary School New Territories won the “Most Supportive School Award”. (See the appendix for full list)


Mr Edmond Lai, Chief Digital Officer of HKPC said, “The application of IT and digital transformation are becoming more and more popular. Both companies and the general public are using Internet technology more frequently to make life and work more convenient. With the post-epidemic online life and the Internet of Everything expecting to advance at full speed, it will also mark the emergence of higher risk and more diverse cyber security attacks and will more likely cause reputation and financial loss of companies and individuals. As more attention is being paid to cyber security, the demand for local cyber security talent will also increase.”


He continued, “This year, HKPC has organised and participated in over 20 seminars, providing over 3,000 industry practitioners and the public the latest cyber security information to raise their cyber security awareness. In the future, HKPC and its HKCERT will continue to plan ahead of time and strive to cultivate versatile cyber security professionals. On the one hand, we will offer system management framework and concept related professional training courses, such as the international certificate programmes recognised by the industry, to enhance students’ professional knowledge of cyber security management and equip them with governance, evaluation and supervision capabilities. On the other hand, technical cyber security training such as penetration testing and implementation of network system security measures, will also be provided to increase the operational experience and technical competencies of the students and help them become comprehensive cyber security experts to respond to and defend against new cyber threats.”


Response to the CTF Challenge 2021 was overwhelming as over 940 players from secondary schools, tertiary institutions, and IT elite formed 315 teams to compete. The competition was conducted in Jeopardy-style from 12 to 14 November, with participating teams attempting to solve 55 questions within 48 hours by searching, researching, using different tools and programming, in order to gain points. As the organizer has held 2 workshops and opened a preparation platform for the participating teams to practice before the competition, they could quickly get into the swing of the game and tried the whole bag of tricks to solve the questions that reached international standard. The competition was very intense.


A webinar was organised on the same day, with security experts introducing the cyber security challenges and opportunities of emerging technologies, ways to formulate vulnerability control solution and cyber security risk management as well as discuss the market demand for cyber security talent.



“Hong Kong Cyber Security New Generation Capture the Flag Challenge 2021” Award List


School / Team name

Team members

Secondary School Category

Gold Award

TWGHs Wong Fut Nam College

Ian Lau Hoi-Lok, Jong Yuk-Wan,

Andrew Cheng Yu-Fung, Marcus Chan Chun-Hin

Silver Award

Carmel Secondary School

Fung Kwun-Kit, Fung Pak-Hei, Lau Sheung-Yin,

Sit Kit-Sing

Bronze Award

Kwun Tong Maryknoll College

Chan Yiu-Cheung, Kwan Huo-Lang, Lin Wen-Bin,

Kwok Chung-Nin

Most Supportive School Award

De La Salle Secondary School, New Territories

Tertiary Institution Category

Gold Award

The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

Demirer Caner, Chung Tsz-Wa, Tang Wing-Yin,

Chan Sheung-Chi

Silver Award

The Chinese University of Hong Kong, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Hong Kong Community College

Wong Tsz-Hin, Sham Wing-Chung,

Chan King-Kai, Kwok Chi-Leong

Bronze Award

The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

Yong Hau-Woon, Tsoi Ka-Wong, Ho Chun-Kit,

Yeung Sin-Hang

Open Category

Gold Award


Wong Lok-Hang, Yeung Yuk-Cho, Yeung Yuk-Man

Silver Award

UND3r 20 D53 H473r5 4ND r374K3r

Tam Lai-Yin, Leung Ho-Kei, Ma Ho-Kiu

Bronze Award


Luk Chi-Tat, Liang Jia-Xin, Tong Cham-Fei,

Chan Siu-Chun


Photo Caption: 

Mr Jason Pun, Assistant Government Chief Information Officer (Cyber Security & Digital Identity) (front row, centre); Mr Wilson Yuen, Curriculum Development Officer (IT in Education) of Education Bureau of the HKSAR Government (front row, fifth from left); and Mr Edmond Lai, Chief Digital Officer of HKPC (front row, fifth from right); pose for a group photo with representatives of the organisers, co-organisers, and winners of “Hong Kong Cyber Security New Generation Capture the Flag Challenge 2021” at the award presentation ceremony. 


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