MT4 and MT5 Trading Fraud Investigation - Hong Kong

MT4, MT5 Trading Scam

Digitpol investigates MT4, MT5, metatrader scams, investment scams and forex scam, these are all well organised and not easily to detect. Digitpol has seen an increase in Investment and stock broker scams targeting Hong Kong. Digitpol’s operational units deploy daily to assist with the investigation and verification of trading websites, stock brokers and checks on issued shares, validate share certificates, validate investment firms offering such sales.

Digitpol conducts checks on several layers, validations of forex trading sites, Signal Providers, MT4, MT5 checks, companies that claim are traders or agents, we conduct checks at the official registration offices, document examination, email examination, verification at the stock exchange, share certification checks and on-site visits to the stock brokers office.

When fraud is identified or a trading scam, Digitpol starts an investigation, this starts with a police complaint.

If you have transferred funds to a fraudulent bank account in Hong Kong, the following is urgent.

  1. Immediately alert your bank the transaction is fraudulent. This is most urgent.
  2. Report the incident as soon as possible to your local police in the country you reside in. Obtain the Police report or case number
  3. Report the case to the Hong Kong Police. Obtain the Police report or case number.
  4. When required, engage Digitpol and its legal team to act for you in Hong Kong to examine the evidence, prepare a report, investigate the case, and liaise with the Authorities and the Banks.
  5. If your physically located in Hong Kong, go directly to a Police station, and bring all the evidence with you.
  6. Before you submit data to us, watch the step by step explainer on what to do if your a victim of Stock or Investment Fraud What To Do If Your a Victim of MT4, MT5, Trading or Stock Fraud

When Digitpol is engaged, we will immediately contact the receiving banks security department and put them on notice of the fraud.

In the majority of cases related to Investment fraud, the evidence of a crime is digital evidence, Digitpol can assist with compiling a forensic report that details how the scam took place and the examination of forensic evidence such as emails between the traders, transactions, internet traces and all facts. Digitpol will present your case to the Police and its legal partner can take civil action when required.

What Happens When You Report a Case to Digitpol?

If you report a case to Digitpol we will examine the data that you have provided,  if evidence exists and we are in position to assist you, we will start an investigation, the first step is the detail all the evidence into a report so that the fraud is clear.

In the event you have transferred funds to a bank account in Hong Kong, we will issue a notice of the fraud to the bank’s fraud department.