Digitpol is one of the world's leading providers of Cyber Security, Intelligence, Risk and Investigation services.

Get the evidence you need, when you need it

Find the relevant evidence to act sooner and break open your toughest cases before they go cold. Our services enable access to a wide range of evidence sources, including digital forensics, computer forensics, interception, surveillance, automotive forensics, drone forensics and access to locked mobile devices, We ensure you gain access to data at the scene.

우리는 당신을 위해 모든 것을 처리!

Digitpol에서 우리는 사이버 및 연결 된 범죄를 조사 합니다. Digitpol의 사이버 범죄 수사 전문가 들은 해킹 사고, 랜 섬 웨어, 강탈을 조사 하 고 보안 감사와 i. T 업그레이드를 수행 합니다.

Digitpol의 컴퓨터 법의학 전문가는 컴퓨터, 휴대용 장치, 휴대 전화, USB 드라이브, 서버, 클라우드 및 하드 디스크 드라이브에서 포렌식 데이터를 조사, 분석 및 복구 합니다.

Our team has extended skills in OT/ SOC, 24/7 Internet Monitoring, penetration testing, IR Team and Red teams. We prevent organisations from cyber attacks, we help organisations recover from attacks.

Global Investigation

Digitpol works with Private and Law Enforcement agencies on a cooperative level. We specialise in Investigation, Cyber Crime Investigation, Digital Forensics, eDiscovery, Internet Monitoring, Telecoms, Insurance Fraud, Automotive and Asset Tracing.

적용 국가

As one of the world’s leading investigation companies, we have conducted and operated investigations globally. Digitpol’s offices are equipped with state of the art forensic technology and workshops for research. Our partners have offices in major cities around the world, enabling us to offer our services globally

고객 만족

Digitpol applies its renowned operational expertise to provide best-in-class services to the industry across its integrated worldwide network. We partner with other agencies to encourage a collaborative approach towards combatting global crimes.


Security is an absolutely necessary requirement for a harmonious future for our planet. Safety and Security – the key to a happy and prosperous civilisation.


We constantly contribute towards the fight against crime by providing operational support to Law Enforcement and the Private Sector in Security.


“Integrity, Respect, Honesty and Quality are our values. We protect and defend these values.”

Digitpol’s team has a combined 35 years of expertise in Investigation

Digitpol is a licensed and accredited investigation agency specialising in digital forensics, security and investigative services. We provide operational services such as Computer Forensics, Mobile Phone Forensics, eDiscovery, Internet Monitoring, Telecoms, Interception, Penetration Testing, Anti-Surveillance, Investigation,  Tracing and Recovery of Assets.

Digitpol의 사무실은 최첨단 법의학 기술과 연구를 위한 워크샵을 갖추고 있습니다. 당사의 파트너는 전 세계 주요 도시에 지사를 두고 있으며,이를 통해 전 세계적으로 서비스를 제공할 수 있게 되었습니다.

우리는 국제 범죄에 대처 하기 위해 법 집행 및 주요 업계 파트너와 협력 하기 위해 최선을 다하고 있습니다.

Our mission

Security is an absolutely necessary requirement for a harmonious future for our planet. Safety and Security – the key to a happy and prosperous civilisation. Digitpol, provides global support to fight against crimes and tackling todays cyber and digital enabled crimes targeting the automotive industry. We provide tools and resources to work with Private and Law Enforcement agencies on a cooperative level. 

All aspects of our work processes, organization and operations are oriented towards our customers’ needs.

첫 번째 것 들 먼저

우리의 업무 프로세스, 조직 및 운영의 모든 측면은 고객의 요구를 지향 합니다.