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Business Consultancy Services in Hong Kong

As a forensics and auditing specialist, we have seen everything in Hong Kong from start-ups to major legal battles, our rich experience gained over decades allows us to assist companies navigate through Hong Kong by offering consultancy. We can provide consultancy such as assisting with company registration matters, new business, emerging technology, trade, exporting, banking matters, tax and filling, legal disputes, auditing, security, M&A, forensics and advising on conducting general business in Hong Kong.

Our company is a specialists in corporate investigations, fraud investigation, investigation of corruption and commercial espionage. Our investigations provide insight to clients undertaking new and significant projects, whether underwriting an IPO, considering a merger or acquisition, working with a new partner, selling a business or participating in a joint venture or entering a new marketplace.


How We Can Help


Digitpol is a Cybersecurity Service Provider (CSSP), providing a suite of comprehensive cybersecurity services to assist services provide achieve confidence that their information and information systems are protected against attacks. Digitpol is an award-winning provider of cyber security solutions, integration and support to cybersecurity, Digitpol provides cybersecurity for all devices, desktops, laptops, workstations, networks, and cloud environments.  Digitpol is a multinational global cybersecurity company serving  customers across roughly 140 countries via our partners and our global networks.

Emerging Technology

Emerging technologies such as IOT, Safecities, Blockchain,  Virtual Reality (VR), Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the internet of things are rapidly reshaping our world and evolving at breakneck speed. Digitpol can help you to better understand and put these technologies to work in Hong Kong and China. Our consultants are experts in Technology and all come from an early cyber security background, with our rich experience, we work with you to research, develop, ensure your product is secure, test, validate, apply certifications and finally and deploy your product in the market globally.

Risk and Regulatory

The complexity of risk and regulatory environment in Hong Kong and China is unprecedented and a minefield to the unknown. To assist you with new or possible relevant threats for your business, arising issues, breaches, legal disputes or general advise, Digitpol brings together experts from law, cyber security, digital forensics, tax advisers and decades of real world experience across Hong Kong and China. Our knowledge can greatly reduce your risk or resolve issues, with Digitpol onboard, we effectively manage risk and ensure your operation complies with regulatory requirements within Hong Kong or China.

Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A)

Mergers and acquisitions (M&A) In Hong Kong and China, a process that is complex with many legal and tax challenges, Digitpol assists clients with support to identify the right merger or acquisition, to fully screen the process with our security and forensic experts, to conduct additional due diligence and jointly with our clients implement a fully secured, sound and safe execution process. Our global expertise in fraud, auditing, forensics will ensure that we will identify problems in the process, having Digitpol on board in the process ensures a peace of mind.

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