Mobile Phone Forensics in Hong Kong & SAR

We Investigate and Recover Evidence From Mobile Phones and Portable Devices

Mobile phones can contain a wealth of information relevant to an investigation, including call logs, text messages, social media activity, GPS data, and more. Digitpol provides mobile forensic services to extract, analyze, and interpret digital evidence from all types of mobile devices, including smartphones and tablets.

Our mobile forensic specialists use industry-standard tools and techniques to extract data from mobile devices while ensuring the integrity of the data. We can conduct on-site investigations using our mobile forensic unit, or we can analyze devices brought to our offices or submitted via secured courier. Our team can provide expert testimony and reports for use in legal proceedings, as well as advise on data protection and privacy issues related to mobile device investigations.

How We Can Help

Digitpol utilizes global leading forensic tools which allows us to carry out forensic acquisition of data from the supported listed devices.

What Data is Recoverable 

  • SMS | IM Chat | WhatsApp | Viber | Skype | Wechat | IRC | Deleted
  • Call history | Incoming | Outgoing | Missed | Deleted
  • EMAILs | Incoming | Outgoing | Drafts | Deleted
  • GPS locations | Waypoints | GEO tagging of pictures
  • Photos | Sent | Received | Deleted
  • Social Network logs | Activity Time | GEO Login | Deleted
  • Internet History | History | Entered Keywords | Searches | Deleted | Cookies
  • Wifi Data | SSID | MAC | I.P
  • Bluetooth | Paired devices | Timestamp
phone forensics in hong kong
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