Vehicle GPS Forensics

Vehicle GPS forensics is a branch of digital forensics relating to recovery of digital evidence or data stored in automotive infotainment modules, often referred to as GPS units, Command or Head-Up Units. Data such as GPS routes, locations, way points, paired mobile phone data, calls, contacts and GPRS data can be recovered under forensically sound conditions. Digitpol is an accredited vehicle forensics examination agency, we conduct examination on all types of vehicles and vehicle GPS units to undercover evidence that can be used to investigate crimes

Examples of data extracted

  • Bluetooth ID from paired & non-paired phones
  • All Call logs / Incoming / Outgoing / Missed
  • last GPS fixes (last locations driven)
  • Entered routes
  • Other Driver information
  • RDS info
  • Media files
  • Music files with forensic detail
  • Pictures
  • Many historic details

Vehicle GPS forensics is a specialized area of digital forensics that involves the recovery and analysis of data from a vehicle's GPS system. This data can be used to track the vehicle's location and movement, providing valuable information for investigations related to motor vehicle theft, transportation of contraband or illegal goods, and other crimes committed in or around a vehicle.

Digitpol provides specialized services in infotainment forensics, including the collection, analysis, and preservation of digital evidence from in-vehicle infotainment (IVI) systems. Digitpol has expertise in extracting and analyzing data from IVI systems, including navigation history, call logs, text messages, and media files, our forensics services can be particularly useful for law enforcement agencies, insurance companies, and other organizations that need to investigate incidents involving vehicles and require digital evidence to support their investigations.

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