Fraud and Asset Recovery

Digitpol's Hong Kong branch offers the service of International asset tracing, Digitpol's experts are specialised in stolen, wanted or embezzled assets. Digitpol's experts are specialised in tracing assets, both fixed and digital assets. We trace unauthorised funds sent overseas and arrange or coordinate the seizure of funds, such seizure often results in the freezing of bank accounts or physical assets.

Digitpol Asset Search Team has identified missing, hidden and stolen assets. Our extensive experience includes multi-jurisdictional, global investigations involving offshore tax free havens, creditor-unfriendly jurisdictions, complex company structures, investment groups and structures build to conceal assets.

We identify assets such as:

  • Properties
  • Real estate
  • Land
  • Commerical Buildings.
  • Crypto Currency
  • Financial accounts
  • Business associations
  • Accounts receivable
  • Yachts,
  • luxury vehicles
  • Planes
  • Precious metals
  • Subsidiaries

Digitpol's Asset Tracing experts include teams with backgrounds in fraud and financial investigation, law enforcement, forensics and international investigations. Our global investigations have successfully identified assets of multibillion-dollar frauds.

We cooperate with Law Enforcement Agencies to arrange and coordinate the arrest and seizure of stolen, wanted or embezzled assets. We identify and locate assets across mainland Europe and in the West Balkans. We have validated 1000s of mergers and we also prevented fraud and business risk.

We Identify, Stop & Seize

Director Search
Search for a Director of a Company. Search by person name (or part of it) or ID, returning a list of legal or physical persons declared at the Business Register. Using our Company Director Search option you can easily verify whether an individual is, or has been, a Director of a Company.

Company Search
Company Search is search by company name (or part of it) or company ID, it returns a list of companies meeting search criteria. Search by company name amongst multiple countries at the same time is also possible.

Company Appointments
Company Appointments is a list of Company's Directors Administrators. Information about shareholders is not available.

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Company Profile is the company report with basic information about status, company type, address, paid-up capital, activity description.

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