Coronavirus is challenging our world, our governments and our communities.  The circumstances it creates doesn’t have to challenge your enterprise however.  Like many organizations, you have probably enacted a remote work policy.  While it may seem like a daunting task to protect so many of your users that once resided on premise, it doesn’t have to be.

PolicyPak is a modern desktop manage solution that was created for times just like these.  It can be easily deployed across your enterprise within hours.  It doesn’t matter if your machines are domain-joined, Azure-joined, MDM enrolled or BYOD.  It doesn’t matter if they are on prem or off site.

PolicyPak was designed for all of these scenarios.

In a time when conditions are changing on an hourly basis, you don’t have a lot of time to respond.  PolicyPak can be deployed and fully integrated across your enterprise in a matter of hours.  We have the ideal product suite for this or most emergencies.

PolicyPak is an entire suite of products. It works with Active Directory & Group Policy + VPN, your MDM solution like Intune, or if you need to get it out there super fast, you can use PolicyPak Cloud.

In this article, we are going to spotlight the components which pertain the most to the situation at hand.

PolicyPak Least Privilege Manager Elevation

Your users are going to be isolated which greatly challenges the ability to support them.  This makes the idea of allotting standard users local admin rights very tempting.

Don’t be tempted.  With PolicyPak Least Privilege Manager you can kill admin rights on your windows machines while elevating privileges when needed.

  • Elevate the specific applications your users need
  • Give standard users access to Control Panel applets
  • Enable standard users to install MSI applications
  • Bypass UAC prompts with standard user rights.

Besides the ability to deploy it quickly, PolicyPak has a short learning curve to master it.  That’s because it simply integrates with the Group Policy Management Console, a system tool that so many admins are already familiar with.  In this example we are creating a policy to allow standard users to run an executable.


You can watch a video demonstration showing how to ensure application control of the user desktop for command prompt, PS scripts, MSI and executables.

Chances are your IT support efforts won’t be streamlined while transitioning to the challenge of supporting so many users that work off premise.  The last thing you need is to have users batter the help desk phone lines for menial issues like getting past UAC prompts or being denied access to a Control Panel applet.  Ensure this never happens by creating and deploying policies with PolicyPak Least Privilege Manager.  Again, these policies can be deployed to any Windows 10 machine within your enterprise.


You can watch a video demonstration showing how to enable standard users to access specific control panel applets.


PolicyPak Least Privilege Manager SecureRunTM

Just because your Windows 10 machines will be outside of the network perimeter doesn’t mean they can’t be locked down.  With Policy Pak SecureRunTM, you can ensure that your users don’t catch any nasty viruses by clicking on things.  The concept is simple.  When SecureRun™ is on, PolicyPak Least Privilege Manager checks to see who owns the file executable, .MSI, script, or Java .JAR file when users download files off the Internet or copy them from a USB drive.  SecureRun™ maintains a list of who can initiate new processes.  Because standard users are not on the list, PolicyPak Least Privilege Manager blocks them so that users only see this.


Protect your users from ransomware, Cryptolocker, trojans and any malicious malware no matter where they are working.


You can watch a video demonstration showing how easy it is to stop ransomware and other zero day attacks with PolicyPak SecureRunTM.


PolicyPak Browser Router


While your company’s personnel may not be working collaboratively in optimal fashion, you can ensure that your cloud applications and mission critical websites do.  The reality is that we work within multi-browser environments today which means you need control of them.

PolicyPak Browser Router helps kills the round robin browser battle.

  • Automatically launch the browser you mandate for specific websites
  • Ensure that websites load in the most compatible and secure browser
  • Stop the browser wars forever
  • Dynamically apply IE 11 Compatibility and Enterprise modes

Companies that utilize on premise web filtering may be scrambling to find a solution to block designated websites for their users.  While PolicyPak Browser Router isn’t a dedicated web filter, it does you give the ability to block designated sites.  See the screenshot below which also shows all the browsers we support.


You can watch this video demonstration showing how you can full control the browser choice for users and applications.

PolicyPak Application Manager


The user desktop is the ecosphere that contains all of the many applications your users need to do their job.  Just because your users are at home doesn’t mean you have to give up jurisdiction of those applications.  In fact, with PolicyPak Application Manager, you can have greater control than ever before.

Now you can configure and lockdown thousands of users settings on hundreds of commonly-used applications including Firefox, Java, Flash, IE and Adobe products.  Again, it doesn’t matter what your machines are joined to, with PolicyPak, you the admin are always in control.

Watch this video demonstration showing how you can deliver any of PolicyPak’s 400+ pre-configured application settings over the internet

Turn the Coronavirus into an Opportunity

It will only be a matter of time until we overcome the coronavirus challenge and things get back to normal.  But it might be a new normal, one in which even more users choose to work from home.  That new normal can be a reality with PolicyPak.  Your company’s Windows 10 devices don’t have to reside on the ranch to be manage and secure them.  PolicyPak was created for a mobile world that is constantly changing.  Talk to us about how PolicyPak can help you not just through the crisis at hand, but for the future.




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