WiFi Signal Analysis

Digitpol developed a probe named \"Wi-Fi Signal Analysis\" to detect Wi-Fi snooping, payload injection, rogue devices and Wi-Fi Spying in seconds, the probe operates on-location and the data is sent to an AI based database for analysis which then alerts CSO and CIO\'s. The probe has prevented thousands of hacking attempts on business networks and prevented spying on devices installed. The probe sends data to a cloud server for analysis allowing investigators to view data remotely.

Digitpol\'s digital forensic researchers recently detailed new types of Wi-Fi attacks which were discovered by investigating large data leaks, all of which occurred on the WPA2 security standard. The attacks allowed hackers to crack Wi-Fi passwords on business grade routers regardless of how strong the passwords were set to. In every case, Digitpol discovered that rogue Wi-Fi devices were nearby to conduct interception.

Wi-Fi attacks are more common on business networks than personal ones and have been discovered in major investigations. According to cyber security firm Avast, a vulnerability in MikroTik WiFi routers has affected nearly 2.5 lakh routers across the globe, leaving them vulnerable to crypto-mining and other forms of cyber-attacks. Of the total affected routers, 11,809 routers in India have been affected.

Digitpol\'s Wi-Fi experts are certain Wi-Fi and IOT over-the-air attacks will rise in 2020, Digitpol\'s team are conducting Wi-Fi audits for business across Europe, the probe audits details such as the number of connected devices on a network, Wi-Fi traffic, approved Wi-Fi devices, security flaws, un-authorized devices and instant upgrades. The audits have so far discovered out-of-date firmware allowing remote control, hijacked routers, modified firmware, many connected un-authorized devices and active interception. The probe can be deployed as a fixed install to sites to detect Wi-Fi interference within 900ms.

Hidden Wi-Fi networks are a big issue inside commercial organisations and government, recently Digitpol identified over 18 hidden networks at one location using its Signal Analysis Probe. Wi-Fi base stations can hide or cloak their identities, these base stations are identified in the probe.


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