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DIGITPOL - Providing Verified Sourcing Services in Hong Kong & China - A Service With a Security Team

Digitpol’s business & inspections unit in Hong Kong provides secure and verified sourcing services in Hong Kong and mainland China. Since 2013, Digitpol a Dutch company has provided inspections services from its local Hong Kong offices to clients globally ranging from IT to shipment matters, one of the challenges we discovered over many years is the on-site Inspection and Quality Control of goods purchased for export and monitoring of from manufacturing to shipping containers. Our sourcing services cover assistance with purchasing products in Hong Kong and China, support with finding authentic suppliers within Hong Kong or China, assisting with custom manufacturing and when products are developed and ready for shipment, we provide an on-site visit to the manufacturing plant to carry out an inspection and quality control on the products. When all is on order, we often place GPS trackers inside the products so our clients can track the shipment. In cases related to high value products been exported from China to Hong Kong by road, we often provide the transport with an agent accompanying the transport or a security escort.

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