With thousands of organisations moving staff wholesale to remote working, businesses are left at increasing risk of cyber-attack.

Cyber criminals are exploiting the emergency working measures with estimates of around a 400% increase in phishing attacks on home workers since the Coronavirus pandemic struck.

Make UK is partnering with cyber security experts Assured Cyber Protection to provide immediate cyber protection solutions supported by ‘protect yourself today, pay later’ payment plans in a move to help companies shield themselves at pace.

The software will protect against phishing and email scams with sophisticated malware detection in place to isolate compromised machines. Continuous real-time monitoring and diagnosis of risks run 24-hours a day to alert management and staff of any issues before they take hold.

The partnership with ACP will bring immediate, comprehensive and multi-layered protection that can be remotely and quickly deployed.  This will be supported with a delayed payment plan of six months that enables businesses of all sizes to protect its remote workforce and critical data.

The services will be offering ACP’s Remote Worker Cyber Protection solution which automatically detects cyber threats on each device connected to the company’s network whether from home or any other third-party network.

Some 64% of organisations have experienced a phishing attack in the past year according to Check Point’s Research Security Report 2019. Only this month, cyber criminals have disguised themselves as the World Health Organization (WHO) to steal money or sensitive information, taking advantage of the current global crisis.

Stephen Phipson, chief executive of Make UK, said: “Not being able to rely on their on-premises defences and firewalls, remote working has always been a major security weakness.

“Cyber security is more important than ever; proactivity is key. Make UK’s priority is to keep employers and employees safe and protected without the worry of additional financial outlays.”

Mitchell Scherr, CEO of ACP added: “We have the technology but what is critical is for companies to act now. Every CEO today is facing a new set of financial pressures and what was a priority for me was to find a financially viable way for companies to protect themselves fully and immediately.”

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