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The Hong Kong Academy of Finance (AoF) announced today (14 January) the appointment of Mr Kwok Kwok Chuen as Chief Executive Officer of the AoF for a two-year term with effect from 18 January 2021.

As Chief Executive Officer, Mr Kwok will oversee the operations of the AoF and the Hong Kong Institute for Monetary and Financial Research (HKIMR), the research arm and a subsidiary of the AoF.1 The biography of Mr Kwok is at Annex.

Mr Eddie Yue, Chairman of the AoF and Chief Executive of the Hong Kong Monetary Authority, said, “I am delighted that Mr Kwok is taking up the role as Chief Executive Officer of the AoF. With his extensive experience in both the public and private sectors and his knowledge in research and talent development, Mr Kwok is best suited to lead the AoF in nurturing future leaders of Hong Kong’s financial industry and enhancing our applied research capability. I look forward to working with him closely to further strengthen the position of Hong Kong as a premier international financial centre through AoF’s work.”

Mr Kwok said, “We live in a world of accelerating changes and the AoF plays an important role in maintaining the competitiveness of Hong Kong as an international financial centre. I am honoured to be appointed and given the opportunity to contribute to financial leadership development and monetary and financial research in Hong Kong.”


Hong Kong Academy of Finance
14 January 2021


About the Hong Kong Academy of Finance (AoF)
The AoF is set up with full collaboration amongst the Hong Kong Monetary Authority, the Securities and Futures Commission, the Insurance Authority and the Mandatory Provident Fund Schemes Authority. By bringing together the strengths of the industry, the regulatory community, professional bodies and the academia, it aims to serve as (i) a centre of excellence for developing financial leadership; and (ii) a repository of knowledge in monetary and financial research, including applied research.



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