RA’ANANA, Israel and BUCHAREST, Romania, April 7, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — DriveNets, the webscale networking software company today announced that based on the success of their current Bucharest based team, they will double the team size – growing it from the current 50 to 100 by the end of 2020. The center of excellence will strengthen the companies’ technological leadership in working with Tier 1 service providers to build their networks for the next 20 years. With the COVID-19 pandemic creating unprecedented traffic growth reported by service providers globally, it is expected that the need for high-scale low-cost networking solutions such as DriveNets Network Cloud solution will increase.

In September 2019 Tellence, a leading provider of high-tech Software & Engineering services, created a significant R&D center for DriveNets and have now successfully trained and integrated with the Israel based teams ahead of schedule. DriveNets and Tellence are now seeking software engineers with expertise in Networking, NFV/SDN & Cloud Solutions, Customer Support Engineers with deep understanding of Networking Routing & Switching protocols & Networking Quality Assurance Engineers.

Tellence is recruiting developers and support & QA engineers who are experienced in routing, Layer 2, BSP & scalable elastic Software architectures, state of the art web front-end & back-end solutions, DevOps, and QA – Manual & Automatons. It is also looking for domain experts in the following areas:

  • FrontEnd: React, NodeJS, JS, CSS, UI/UX

DriveNets’ Network Cloud is significantly disrupting the service providers market with the highest-scale distributed disaggregated cloud native router software currently on the market. DriveNets is challenging incumbent routing solutions and their economic model. DriveNets Network Cloud is already in various testing phases with tier 1 service providers worldwide. The company was named the No.1 Startup in Israel by Globes for 2019 and one of the 47 enterprises to bet your career on by Business Insider.

In addition to closing a $117 million Series A Round, which was led by Bessemer Partners and Pitango Ventures, DriveNets has several prominent private investors which include John Thompson, chairman at Microsoft and former CEO of Symantec, Steve Luczo, former CEO and current chairman of Seagate and former CEO of Palo Alto Networks, Mark McLaughlin.

“DriveNets is impressed with the speed with which these very talented engineers have learnt the ropes and become part of our team. Their expertise, dedication and strong teamwork have already made a great impact on the breadth and quality of our solution. Tellence has been a valuable partner to us and we feel confident that our international team is now honing the technology that will upend the way service providers build their networks for greater scale and profitability.” – Ido Susan, CEO and Co-Founder, DriveNets

“Tellence is proud of the strong contribution the Romanian team has already made to DriveNets releases and are excited to double the team of local talent.” – Leo Radu – Tellence Co-Founder & Romania General Manager

“In the last 6 months Tellence and DriveNets have achieved a fast and productive integration of the Romanian teams to the core of Drivenets research and development groups, now spanning over all areas of expertise, including routing, management, chip programming and devops. We are ready to grow in all these areas at an incredible pace.” – Amir Krayden, VP R&D Customers, DriveNets

About DriveNets

DriveNets helps Communications Service Providers (CSPs) take advantage of the greatest demand surge in Telco history, substantially growing their profitability by changing their technological and economic models. DriveNets’ solution – Network Cloud changes the traditional networking architecture that has been in place for the past twenty years by adapting the architectural model of hyperscalers to Telco-grade networking. Network Cloud is a cloud-native software that runs over standard white-boxes, radically simplifying the network’s operational model, offering Telco-scale performance at a much lower cost.

DriveNets, founded by Ido Susan and Hillel Kobrinsky was founded by two successful Telco entrepreneurs. Susan previously co-founded Intucell, the company that invented the Self Optimizing Network (SON) which was acquired by Cisco in 2013 for $475 million. Kobrinsky founded the web conferencing specialist, Interwise, which was acquired by AT&T for $121 million.

About Tellence

Tellence, established in 2012 by a group of technology professionals, Tellence is a leading provider of high-tech Software & Engineering services. The company is focused on Research & Development and Customer Engineering Support and its Engineering Solution Center handles software development, quality assurance & customer support. Tellence operates in a broad range of industries: Automotive, Telecommunications, Cyber Security, OTT, Broadcasting, SatCom & Semiconductors.

The name “Tellence” is a combination of technology and excellence. In keeping with its name, Tellence offers innovative and advanced solutions that are flexible in providing each customer with the right offering for their needs and scope, as well as deep operational and development experience. The result: uncompromising service that provides the customer with the highest quality solution while also saving them significant costs.

Media Contact:
Judith Arkush
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SOURCE DriveNets

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