Digitpol is a proud member of the Hong Kong Cybersechub platform. The Office of the Government Chief Information Officer has launched the Cybersec Infohub, a two-year pilot programme to promote cyber security information exchange among public and private sectors and the community. Companies and organisations with a Hong Kong business address that manage electronic communications networks and have operational needs for cyber security information, irrespective of size, are eligible to become programme members for free.

Cybersechub.hk, the first cross-sector cyber security information sharing and collaborative platform in Hong Kong, was also launched under the programme for members to share information, advice and expert insights on topics such as mitigation measures and best practices with cyber security experts from different industries.

“Cybersechub.hk” is a community-driven cyber security information sharing and collaborative platform that enables online relationships and connections among participating organisations (Members) for sharing cyber security information, such as cyber threats and vulnerabilities. “Cybersechub.hk” is operated based on the principles of trust, openness, transparency and collaboration among Members.