Digitpol attends the Hong Kong cyber security practitioners mission to Tel Aviv - Israel

The use of “Internet of Things” (IoT) has enabled Smart City initiatives worldwide. Yet, cyber security for IoT is a growing concern at an international level. Mr Edmond Lai, Director (Digital) of HKPC, recently led a delegation of Hong Kong cyber security practitioners to Tel Aviv of Israel - named the Best Smart City in the World in 2014, to exchange views with international experts at the annual Cybertech Tel Aviv. The occasion is one of the world’s largest cyber security solutions events for experts to learn the best IoT security practices among representatives from different regions. At the conference, Mr Leung Siu-Cheong, Senior Consultant of HKPC’s Hong Kong Computer Emergency Response Team Coordination Centre, shared his insights on integrated security solutions for the cyber and physical world among a panel of experts. Digitpol's CEO was proud to attend the trip as a participant.