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Webcast Some say the best form of defense is offense. But when it comes to modern ransomware from cyber-crime orgs that are well-funded, possibly have state actor backing, and have your data under their control, just how offensive can you afford to be?

The fact is dealing with the ransomware threat requires a complete rethink of cybersecurity and data protection, starting with the acceptance that any user, device or application can be compromised and then rethinking all access and permissions accordingly.

In short, you need to move to a zero-trust approach. Anything else simply exposes you and your organisation’s precious data to the risk of compromise, ransom demands, and expensive downtime at best, or at worst the risk that your organisation’s data could be lost permanently.

So, where do you start? And what does adopting zero trust mean for the rest of your data protection approach?

Well, your first stop should be this upcoming webcast on August 17 at 0900 PDT (1200 EDT, 1700 BST) on Zero Trust Management.

Our own broadcast wizard, the ever-trustworthy Tim Phillips, will be joined by Rubrik’s David Siles.

They’ll chew through how you should rethink your approach to data security given today’s threat landscape.

And they’ll go into detail on the principles of zero trust, and how these provide the foundation for effective protection against ransomware, as well as the full range of other threats.

All you need to do is drop in a few details here, and we’ll make sure you’re reminded on the day.

The one thing you can trust? That you’ll end up better informed about the threat, and the solution.

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