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Digitpol, A cybercrime investigation firm based in Hong Kong and Europe has warned business owners to ensure Wi-Fi routers are secured, updated and the new security standard WPA3 is implemented. Digitpol’s digital forensic researchers recently detailed new types of Wi-Fi attacks which were discovered by investigating large data leaks, all of which occurred on the WPA2 security standard. The attacks allowed hackers to crack WiFi passwords on business grade routers regardless of how strong the passwords were set to.

The WPA2 security flaw is mainly due to specific routers which are common and found with outdated WPA2 password encryption. Research has also found 100s of routers sold in November 2018 are still using WPA2 security password encryption when WPA3 is now the security standard. Digitpol urges business and corporate agencies to purchase WPA3 Certified Wi-Fi routers.