VPN Router For Hong Kong Business

Digitpol has developed a VPN router for companies, this router enabled a VPN by default ensuring that all PC's on a network are connected to Internet via a VPN. The concept is aimed at small offices or business that connect a number of computers, phones, tablets and servers to the Internet. The router is a business grade router with a VPN configured at start up, this protects the company from spying, interception and espionage. When clients purchase this VPN router, we can install and configure it onsite or only supply. All of the supplied routers are tested at Digitpol's European office in The Netherlands, once tested the routers are shipped to Hong Kong. Digitpol provides IT hardware to Hong Kong from USA, Europe and Israel.

The VPN for Hong Kong companies is vital to protect the interests of the business and to ensure that no foreign or local actors are capturing the companies internet traffic.

Due to the new proposed national law in Hong Kong, a VPN for your business is vital due to the possibility or likelihood of China taking over Hong Kong's national security legislation is growing by the day, should this ever happen, it may be that Hong Kong business could be subject to the website blocking measures or interception and monitoring of internet traffic from Hong Kong companies.

How to order?

It is possible to order VPN router online but due to different office configurations such as the number of computers on a network and the size of the office ect, we ask clients to email or call us and we will decide which router is the best fit. Once the router is ordered we will ship the VPN router to you or we will come to your office and install it.

The Security of the Router?

Digitpol has tested 100s of different types of routers since 2013, we know which ones work and what doesn't work. We also know which VPN providers share data with intelligence and which ones dont share. Our routers are robust and we stand over the connectivity and security. We can also provide a managed service so that we can detect if there is any interference, network issues or security issues.

Cyber Security

Digitpol provides the highest quality in cyber security products from network firewalls, VPN, anti-malware, phishing detection, antivirus, robust wifi routers, SOC and network production tools. We provide firewalls for applications that work in the cloud, secure mobile phones and encrypted (VoIP) services.


A Top of Range Firewall that will protect your network, full industry rules, policies, restrict no incoming traffic. The Firewall is industry grade customized for business use. If your business has suffered a breach this is an ideal solution to put into place. These firewalls are on standby and can be shipped or installed within hours. Managed services included.

IT Installation

Digitpol provides the corporate sector with IT products from workstations, servers, storage, laptops, mobile and with enterprise software. Our services include the supply of industry expert hardware and software, installation, configuration and IT management. When we supply a product, we can provide managed services to monitor, detect and prevent cyber threats.

System Administrator

System admin's is often a burden for firms, therefore we handle the entire IT system administration from workstation full disk encryption keys, logins, backups, fault finding, software updates, email issues, on demand support. We periodically schedule appointments for system management on location or we appoint a member of our team to stay on your site.

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