Recovery of Funds in Hong Kong

Recover Stolen Funds in Hong Kong

Digitpol has seen a rise in email wire frauds or business email compromise which involves funds being wired to bank accounts in Hong Kong, such as the Bank of China HK and HSBC HK. The amounts transferred vary from a few hundred thousand US dollars to millions of US dollars. Typically attackers request funds to be transferred to bank accounts in Hong Kong. Digitpol's Hong Kong offices provide rapid assistance with freezing funds and seizure of rogue accounts by liaison with local authorities and legal counsel.

If you are a victim of Business Email Fraud or a Scam that has resulted in stolen funds being wired internationally to bank accounts in Hong Kong, Contact our Fraud Investigation Team for support with the freezing and recovery.

If you suspect that you are, or have been, a victim of banking, email or internet fraud,  the time to act is the most important element. The first approach is of upmost importance, a police report is to be filled at the Hong Kong Police Force, the report needs to be filled instant as the crime is discovered. If the report is filled in time there is a high possibility that the fraudster’s bank account can be seized and the funds frozen, this process involves the Police, the JFIU and a civil process to unlock the funds.

To file a Police report in Hong Kong, this can only be done in person at the police station or by the E-Crime service. The Police will first need to be satisfied that a crime is actually committed, this is done by the examination of evidence and the evidence of a crime. If sufficient evidence is presented the Police will take action. Digitpol can assist with compiling further evidence into a report to assist the investigation and ensure the case receives the right attention.