Phishing Attack Prevention

Digitpol's Cyber and Fraud Team have developed a unique solution for email phishing attacks, the solution has delivered a total cure to CEO and email fraud.

Phishing Attack Prevention is an AI-based application that monitors email servers and identifies fraud and detects threats that email gateways cannot detect. Phishing attacks and spear phishing attacks are fully prevented by Digitpol's Email Security Solution. Email Security refers to the collective measures used to secure the access and communications and all contents of an email account or web service. It allows an individual or organisation to protect the overall access to one or more email addresses and accounts. Digitpol's Email Security Solution provides the ultimate in Email Security and encrypted communications

Phishing attacks, email fraud, scams, online fraud happens in most cases when cyber criminals find ways to hack into the email servers or accounts of small and medium companies, often targeting those with business in Asia countries. Cyber criminals gain access to email accounts and  search through email accounts looking for sensitive information such as outstanding, unpaid invoices or data relating to financial transactions and business between supplier, vendor and clients. When cyber criminals identify a sale or a due invoice, the fraudsters then send various fictitious emails from the hacked email account or an email address replicated to the original purporting to be in charge of the sale or due invoice to be paid, the fraudster is then asking for transfers of funds into a nominated bank account, usually giving an excuse that there is a problem at the bank and an alternative account needs to be used. It is common that the nominated account is in the same name as the company name or with a very slight change such as an extra letter. It is common the bank account to be in the same city as the victim or client.

100% CEO Fraud Prevention

Digitpol's Cyber and Fraud Team have developed a unique solution for email phishing attacks, the solution has delivered a total cure to CEO and email fraud. If your business runs on office 365 then you are at risk and Digitpol can prevent the fraud.

Are you effected by a Phishing Attack? 

If a phishing attack happens to you, you need to respond quickly. Phishing attacks and email fraud can lead to major disruption and financial disasters.

If you encounter or believe that you have been the victim of online or internet fraud (i.e. phishing, fraudulent text messages etc.), please send an email to Be sure to attach any supporting documentation such as copies of suspicious emails, text messages and questionable links/URLs.

Digitpol is available 24/7.

Phishing Attack Prevention
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  • Prevent phishing attacks
  • Stop ransomware
  • Stop data theft

  • 100% Cure to CEO Fraud
  • Header IP Analysis
  • Detailed logging and verification

  • 24/7 Incident Response
  • Total Phishing Prevention
  • Real Time Monitoring To Threats

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