Cyber Security, Digital Forensics & Investigation

Digitpol is the leading global provider of digital risk solutions, IT and cyber security services to the corporate sector. Digitpol provides cybersecurity, digital forensics, fraud investigation, incident response, email security, cloud security, threat response, managed cyber security, cyber crime investigation and digital services related to governance, risk and transparency.


Cyber Security & ICT

Digitpol provides ICT support, Data Management, Email Services, Cloud, System Administration, Software, Updates, Backups and Security. Digitpol are IT Providers for industry standard hardware and software solutions.

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Digital Forensics & Research

Digitpol’s computer forensics experts investigate, analyse and recover forensic data from computers, portable devices, mobile phones, USB drives, servers, cloud and hard disk drives.

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Digitpol Criminal Investigation

Cyber Research

Digitpol investigates digital and cyber enabled crimes such as hacking incidents, data breaches, phishing attacks, email fraud, financial crimes, online scams and cyber attacks.

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